Gabriel Drozdov​​
Graphic, Web, & Sound Designer
I am a graphic, web, & sound designer whose passion is developing and shaping identity systems. Through design, I believe organizations can find platforms to voice their missions and reach greater audiences more effectively and efficiently.
​​Additionally, I have background in administration and leadership. I value inclusivity and accessibility both internally and externally, which requires creating and maintaining excessive documentation and conducting design outreach. My work is fundamentally a platform for other voices, and as such I make all attempts to understand and represent both my clients and audiences as much as possible.
​​​​Personal Website:
​​Williamstown Theatre Festival
​​Season Branding & Marketing
​​I led Williamstown Theatre Festival’s graphics team for their summer 2019 season. Using key art developed by Marathon Digital, I designed numerous assets including motion graphics, digital and print ads, marquees, newsletters, programs, and more. Additionally, I devised the aesthetics for the “WTF in NYC” campaign and 2020 Gala.
Season key art by Marathon Digital.
"Community Works" illustration by Samantha Hinds.
WTF in NYC (Alt 1)
WTF in NYC (Alt 2)
"Ghosts" Banner Ad
"A Raisin in the Sun" Print Ad
The '62 Center Marquee
Show Marquees
Newsletter Banners
Community Works Newsletter - Show Feature
Community Works Newsletter - Program Feature
Gala Program Ad
Gala Invite
​​Event Posters
​​My widest breadth of work is evident in my poster designs. Each poster is the culmination of personal research as well as discussion with the project organizer or director, ultimately emerging into a visual identity. Furthermore, I enjoy using the poster medium as a way to experiment with process and aesthetic principles.
The Pillowman (Wesleyan University Department of Theater, 2017)
Four Years Later (A Class Act NYU, 2018)
Life is a Dream (Wesleyan University Department of Theater, 2018)
Orlando (Williamstown Theatre Festival, 2019)
BFE (Second Stage Student Theater Company, 2018)
As You Like It (Second Stage Student Theater Company, 2017)
Eurydice (Wesleyan University Department of Theater, 2019)
Snake Oil (Second Stage Student Theater Company, 2019)
No Replica (Wesleyan University Department of Theater, 2018)
99 Histories (Wesleyan University Department of Theater, 2018)
Musicircus (Wesleyan University Music Department, 2017)
Constance & Sinestra and the Cabinet of Screams (Second Stage Student Theater Company, 2018)
The MASH (Wesleyan University Center for the Arts, 2018)
(at)tend (Wesleyan University Department of Theater, 2018)
Tempo (Williamstown Theatre Festival, 2019)
​​The Dramatists Guild
​​Web Design & Visual Identity

​​At the Dramatists Guild, I worked on three projects that coalesced into one final package: a visual identity, a video incorporating said identity, and a webpage to host said video. The organization’s website had numerous restrictions because of its implementation, so I had to assure my designs were compatible. I created 8 pages total—3 are included here that demonstrate various ways I worked around the required 2-column format.
Graphic Assets
Header Templates
Visual Research
Icon Buttons
Members Home - Desktop
Members Home - Mobile
Membership Levels - Desktop
Membership Levels - Mobile
Theatre Services - Desktop
Theatre Services - Mobile
​Learn with EVO
​​Art Direction & Promotion
​​EVO was a video game developed for Macdonough Elementary School in Middletown, CT for use as a way to expose children to evolution. I was lead artist for the title, which involved designing character art, animations, and environments, as well as cutscenes and promotional materials. We utilized a 2.5D graphic style such that the character was a 2D sprite in a 3D environment, which I constructed.
​​The 24 Hour Plays
​​Web Design & Visual Identity
​​Several times a year, The 24 Hour Plays puts on a super-production featuring numerous celebrities coming together to write and perform brand new work. I designed and premiered the company’s new branding and website with The 24 Hour Musicals: Los Angeles in 2017.

Homepage Animation

“The 24 Hour Musicals: Los Angeles” Program Cover
“The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals” Program Cover
Pull Quote - America Ferrera
Pull Quote - Cheyenne Jackson
Pull Quote - David Cross
Pull Quote - Elijah Wood
Pull Quote - Rachel Dratch
Pull Quote - Sarah Silverman
​​Second Stage Student Theater Company
​​Web Design & Visual Identity
​​Wesleyan University’s Second Stage is the oldest student-run theater organization in the United States, and I was proud to manage the group’s website and graphic design (as well as sound inventory!) from 2017-2019. During my time on staff, we began to shift the group’s focus toward inclusivity by bringing new or underrepresented voices to the stage. I aided by crafting a visual identity for Second Stage to unify its productions under an easily-recognizable umbrella and raise awareness of our work and resources. I incorporated the same design into our website and developed new policy infographics to make information more legible and accessible.

Spring 2019 Season Poster

Homepage - Desktop
Homepage - Mobile
Flags Infographic - Overview
Flags Infographic - Breakdown
Reimbursement Infographic
Ticketing Infographic
​​Personal Website
​​My website has always been a playground for me to test new ideas and grow my understanding of website architecture. In its current iteration, the site is home to my major projects and features entirely original code. The site serves as an active portfolio piece for my web and graphic design abilities, and as a sort of museum for some of my other endeavors.

Homepage Animation

Design Portfolio
Theater Archive
Music Archive
​​Experimental Projects
​​Generative Art & Digital Fabrication
​​Wesleyan University exposed me to the wonders of computational media such as with the aforementioned EVO. I also had exposure to applications like Processing, Rhino, and Grasshopper, as well as techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting. In Processing, I developed numerous drawing tools—the one included here involved a 3-dimensional plane and randomly-generated rectangles that the user rearranges into unique compositions. Below, I have also included architecture generated using parametric modeling, plus kerfed plywood modeled into a stacked structure reflecting sine waves.

Processing Drawing Tool - Burst

Processing Drawing Tool - GUI
Processing Drawing Tool - Guides
Processing Drawing Tool - Start State
Processing Drawing Tool - Honeycomb
Processing Drawing Tool - Red and Blue
Grasshopper Parametric Modeling - Tent
Grasshopper Parametric Modeling - Pillars
Grasshopper Parametric Modeling - Inverted
Laser Kerfed Plywood - Single
Laser Kerfed Plywood - Group​​